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srpsko udruženje za proučavanje gojaznosti                                                                                                                                                                       Serbian Association for the Study of Obesity

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Serbian Association for the Study of Obesity (SASO) was established on 10th October 2006, after the splitting of former Yugoslavia. On a General Assembly new president was elected: Professor Dr Dragan Micic (Belgrade) and three vice-presidents: Professor Dr Jagoda Jorga (Belgrade), Professor Dr Slobodan Antic (Nis) and Professor Dr Tatjana Ivkovic - Lazar (Novi Sad). Secretary of SASO is Assistant Professor Dr Mirjana Sumarac (Belgrade) and treasurer is Assistant Dr Milena Velojic (Nis). SASO represents voluntary, non-political association of citizens which are united together with the aims on study of obesity and improvements of prevention and treatment of obesity, especially to promote and support investigations in the field of obesity directed to the causes, prevention and treatment; to improve the flow of new knowledge in the field of obesity and to facilitate its application,; to facilitate the contacts between the individuals and organization which are interested for some of the aspects of obesity problems and  maintenance of body weight and to participate in the implementation of the measures to counteract obesity. The Association works through the organization of two yearly meetings, sending the information to the members of SASO and to the mass media, publishing the relevant informationˇŻs, journal and books, coordinate and participate in the meetings that are relevant for the problem of obesity, participate in the selection of the best studies from the obesity, giving the recognitions to the young investigators and supporting the participation of young investigators on international meetings, help foundation and work of the organizations which  are counteracting obesity problems in Serbia. First working Meeting of SASO is planned for 21st February under the title: The position of Serbia in the lights of WHO European Charter on Counteracting Obesity with seven different topics.

The roots of SASO lie in previous Yugoslav Association of Obesity which was established in Belgrade on September 18th 1997. Professor Dr Dragan Micic was president of YASO, and YASO had two times a year, big plenary meetings with the relevant topics from the obesity field. YASO participated in writing and publishing several books with recent advances in the prevention and treatment of obesity. In 1999 representatives of YASO participated in the signing of Milan Declaration. In 2004 YASO participated in the writing and publishing of National Guide for Obesity, which was prepared according the recommendations of OMTF. After publishing the National Guide for Obesity, members of YASO actively participated in its promoting to general practitioners throughout the whole Serbia. In 2004, Professor Dragan Micic was elected as SCOPE Founder Fellow, Professor Dr Jagoda Jorga as European SCOPE Fellow and Professor Dr Slobodan Antic, Professor Dr Edita Stokic and late Professor Dr Ljiljana Calovic as National SCOPE Fellows.


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Serbian Association for the Study of Obesity, Institute of endocrinology, Diabetes and Diseases of Metabolism 
Dr Subotic 13, Belgrade 11000, Phone: +38 1 11 656527, Fax: +38 1 11 685357